Unique home décor attractive Southeast Asian furniture environmentally friendly fashion design

Compatible with the South East Asian architecture unveiled the capital, now home décor "mix and match" wind is increasingly popular, and more and more. The easiest and most other furniture styles "mix and match", and the ability to create unique, not only has a strong sense of national and exotic furniture and jewelry, not belong to Southeast Asian style. Designers believe that in a case of style, decoration at home a couple of Thailand, Indonesia, and India and other Southeast Asian countries the furniture and accessories, as "eye candy", to create a unique and chic decorative effect.  

Southeast Asian furniture environmentally friendly fashion


Southeast Asian furniture mostly local materials, furniture with wood tones and have natural rustic in Visual perception. Meanwhile, rattan, seagrass, coir, shell, tree bark, sand, etc can all be used to make furniture, lamps and accessories, exudes a strong sense of natural atmosphere.


teak is grown in a broad-leaved tree in the rainforest of Southeast Asia, with Indonesia, Thailand is the best. Teak growth is slow, it takes hundreds of years to grow up. This expensive wood contains a very heavy oil to maintain without distortion, and not with paint, with a special fragrance, snake, insects, rats and ants, and larvae. Even more amazing is that its smooth planing of oxidized gold through photosynthesis, and more extended and more beautiful with time, wood of the best. Now Thailand and Indonesia and other countries have already started to rein in exports, so teak furniture has a certain value and collection value.


Indonesia's table with coconut-shell desktop


furniture design apart from the South-East Asia due to its geographical feature and formed a distinct style and absorbing blend of other Asian countries, such as China, Japan, and Western modern home design elements and ideas, through the combination of different materials and colours, furniture design and more colorful. Most Southeast Asian furniture are produced by mixing two or more different materials together, sometimes combined with fabric embellishment match, Active atmosphere, form an interesting contrast in color and texture. Various blend of technique and materials used furniture into a piece of artwork.


furniture design diversity


Thailand wood carving


India furniture from India North, using local SASONWOOD (sandal wood) as the main material, this class with a natural wood color, deep aroma. Use of iron and copper trim, is India furniture features. Fusion of wood and iron, and features a variety of engraved copper ornaments, not dew luxury, show characteristic of introverted, full of unique ancient and mysterious atmosphere of the East; hand-painted is India another characteristic of the furniture, with various animal shapes and patterns of the common people, Lucky Elephant, camel, unveiled women, as well as a variety of beautiful flowers. India advocated handmade, so each product is different, more in line with the pursuit of individuality and taste characteristics of modern society.


Indonesia furniture combines Indonesian, Chinese and European furniture of different styles. Designers using Indonesian local fine teak, coconut shells, sand and rock Italy of high quality materials such as leather, furniture style is used for one and the same three products, has created a very unique effect. For example, a table has the shape of the Chinese, Indonesian coconut shell desktop, and inlaid with sand in the middle of a chess board; or is the Ming dynasty Chinese squat desks, but spell out colorful desktop with sandstone rocks, this furniture has great inclusive. Mixed Chinese-style furniture to display it, can overcome the stereotype of Chinese furniture and heavy, to add some color and fashion when European furniture to place and added some natural simplicity, reduced the glitz. In Shuang Jing dong San Huan East Kowloon furniture store furniture garden of exotic island is not a traditional Southeast Asian furniture, instead of traditional craft and modern thought, natural materials and personalized embodies complex.


decorative ornament charm


from Indonesia various lighting, candle holders on the choice of material also retains the qualities of the natural environment. Designer's bold use of bamboo mosaic, resin carved, banana leaf, cane shape, painted leather put together flowers, lamps made glamorous, shocking people's Visual senses. Thailand's Golden Buddha statues, hand-carved figures and accessories of varying size and shape, but also the best choice for home furnishings.