Subversion of the traditional marketing model of network consumption challenge in home improvement industry

In the decoration, many consumers always want to put their ideas into practice easily embarrassed, decoration effects often than imagined appearance; finally completed a hard project, the selection of soft start ... ... Recently, the emergence of a new mode of decoration in Shanghai, Ju Tailong pioneered in the trade networks "DIY online service platform," consumers even without any experience using design software, to hands-on design ideal home on the network, so as to avoid some of the common home problems. The insiders, this mode designed to subvert the traditional marketing model, driving a large number of network consumption, traditional home improvement industry is facing serious challenges.


home improvement as "building blocks"  

     "one, two, three, and four tired" is the word most consumers in the decoration, summed it up. Especially in recent years, decoration focus on personalization, many consumers are willing to participate in a new house design. Industry companies have set up similar Web design platform, but on the actions, as well as building material and furniture products is relatively small. "Ju Tailong has a strong product database for each online sale of products can be placed into the design space, so as to identify the most suitable for home decoration products, the whole process is like building blocks. "Tian Yu Ju Tailong Shanghai Marketing Director told reporters.

     It is understood that such decoration pattern is not only virtual network, consumers received within 3 days of purchase can no reason to return. This greatly reduces the risk of network consumption.

shopping mall from the store moved to the network

     now, many consumers are often encountered in different stores to buy the same product but different prices. Mall rent costs often determine product costs and leads to difference in price. At present, many sites through the Organization of group activities to reduce commodity prices, but often modest, nor changed the traditional distribution channels. Ju Tailong is a form of Internet shopping malls, online service system can be chosen arbitrarily by more than more than 100 domestic and international famous brands and more than 10,000 kinds of household goods, even knowing the origin of commodities, specifications, material, function, features, and discount rates and other details. Because it is a factory direct delivery, significantly reducing the cost of sales, and its products are priced cheaper 15%.

show room casual Salon

     in accordance with the traditional mode of decoration, when designers in the design drawings and provide decoration, the furniture is modular filling. Many consumers found in the decoration after delivery, in accordance with coordinated designs to buy a piece of furniture more trouble. Moreover, traditional home improvement industry and the traditional furniture industry respectively for the status quo, making it hard for furniture purchases and hard repair unified configuration. Design integration can effectively avoid furniture with questions.

     in their subject matter experience, shows the classical European style, neo-classical, American country, new Chinese, modern simplicity, Eastern Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, Japan, eight real style series model. Experience is no longer limited to commodity exhibition and artistic experiences, but also casual Salon of interaction design. Designers and consumers "one to one" design, three dimensional design software that can quickly show next new exciting photo effects.

     at present, Ju Tailong in Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Changzhou, Urumqi and other cities offer a number of topic experience Museum, annual output value of over 500 million Yuan, and plans to build 5 years in Shanghai and service outlets, in order to facilitate this, East, West, North and South, the renovation needs of consumers in different areas.