Home fresh sense of returning to the source of soft furnishings in the future dominance

You mention "soft furnishings", people think of more curtains, rugs, wall hangings, bedroom quilt cover, bed sheets, blankets, pillow covers, pillow cases, building decoration, based on melting of decoration effect select applications and interior decoration in one product.  

  actually, modern meaning Shang of "soft decorative" has cannot and "hard decorative" fragmented from, people put "hard decorative" and "soft decorative" design hard separate, is big degree Shang is because both in construction Shang has before and after of points, but in application Shang, both are is to rich conceptualization of space, makes space alienation, to meet home of needs, show people of personality.

the space design is integrated, people-oriented, in the decoration, you should have a clear definition of overall style, as "decorative hard" and "soft furnishings", this is only necessary in the design elements, and no priority and priority.

the next 10 years, "soft furnishings" clueless

"soft furnishings" and "hard decoration" is each other. Decorated in modern design, wood, stone, cement, tile, glass and other building materials and textiles such as silk and hemp are interconnected, with each other, sometimes substitute for each other. For example: for the decoration of the roof, people tend to get bogged down in these hard wood, gypsum decorative materials. In fact, with silk in the upper space to do a film, pull out a beautiful arc, will not only have a space of alienation effect, there will be little mystery seeps, be the highlight of the whole room. This conceptual space "soft furnishings" from the layers of veils, the ancient Chinese imperial, which fully shows the Ethereal and mysterious of Oriental culture. The current "soft furnishings" proportion of home decoration is not high, an average of only 5%, but for the next 10 years it will take up to 20% or more.

"soft furnishings" advocating peaceful nature

this year's "soft furnishings" fabric products, designs tend to be more abstract, natural, ethnic characteristics, to standardize the pattern again deconstruction, which is the international color and design trends. For example: irregular abstract textures, floral curtains, can produce a strong feel and sense of depth.

now "soft furnishings" more elegant, natural fabric color. Dynamic warm-up time has passed, in the hustle and bustle of the city, people are more eager to return to the natural, rustic environment. The world popular mainstream fabric color is divided into 3 main categories: warm, cool and neutral tones, each category can also be divided into both dark and light. Colors tend to be neutral in the future, such as: beige, light grey, come as a steady, solid color.

texture classification, mainly focused on transparency and matte and glossy fabric, lined with colorful special effects and metal, followed by suede velour fabrics, silk and wool velvet and furs, or achieve suede effect by blended and polished. The future of "soft furnishings" fabric texture will be used by flax, silk and other natural fabrics, from helping people as a whole return to nature, return to peace.

"soft furnishings" expected functional fabrics

with the "soft furnishings" deepening degree of care, for fabric requirements are more and more. Resists fading, waterproof, fire-resistant, dust-proof, moisture-proof, easy to clean fabric will be in "soft furnishings" get more applications. In the drapery design, often encountered similar problems, some designs are very good, but could not find the right materials; some products look good on the surface, but can not stand the test of time.

according to industry analysts, decorative fabric trends is one of the widely used slabs of raw materials. From the common polyester, polypropylene, nylon, cotton and other raw materials to the new type of composite fiber fiber, special fibers, Flash application, after special processing, you can create different effects. Soul of the pattern and the color is soft, both of infinite change can play a different style.

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