Decoration market payments rising

Recently, the decoration market on account of the very strong wind in Beijing last week, Shanghai nest decoration first waving flag of installments, settled near Beijing, Zhengzhou, Yuen Chau has been in operation in Beijing on account of the Beijing company, also will soon introduce hire home improvement business in Zhengzhou, this mode of payment in the decorating industry is fresh, first attracted a large number of young owners.

characteristics of impulsive consumption for young people, financial experts advise on instalments according to requirements.

there is a market for installment to help young people improve the quality of home

"young people's consumption concept was advanced, a mortgage is a vivid example. For decoration, young guerrillas know the road quality guarantee, inferior building materials resulting in serious damages to the body, but still has most of the young guerrillas and medium-low quality building materials, the reason, and also because of funding issues. "Said Sun Lei, General Manager Shanghai nest decoration, decoration needs to invest a lot of cash in a short time, for most young people, it is a very difficult thing.

market researchers found that a large proportion of young people is probably because hand is twenty thousand or thirty thousand Yuan of money, give up their standard of decoration, as a result, lives in new homes is not entitled to expect happiness, there are some younger owners at capital has accumulated 2 years later, the original decoration knocked out again, causing a great deal of waste. "If the original owners of young decoration, help them enjoy installment decoration, for young owners, stable income, twenty thousand or thirty thousand Yuan is divided into 12 or 24 paid, it is undoubtedly much things. "Said Sun Lei, beautiful nests in the operations hire decoration mature, United brands such as furniture, home appliances, home on account of one-stop services to owners.

who lives in the Central Garden of Tao Zhenzhen said she had just handled 30,000 yuan payment by installments decoration, 18 months paid just over more than 1600 Yuan a month, no interest, only a small amount of the handling fee, her monthly income of 5000 Yuan, did not like a lot of friends because of renovations and greatly reduced the standard of living.

Zhengzhou decoration of the installment launched more than a week, has caused the vibrations of the entire market. According to Sun Lei, said daily Advisory decoration of the owners, 90% owners to ask for details, instalments and clear intent, "large number of owners interested in installments, is more than we expected, installment of Zhengzhou decoration market is very large."

win-win move for businesses, consumers, banks

"installment of the home improvement industry related to banks, businesses and the interests of the consumers are reasonable. "Long hair decoration, General Manager of Zou Jianfeng said in Zhengzhou, Beijing, jointly promoted through home improvement company and Bank, the two sides can share customer resources on both sides, with the expansion of clients, bank credit requirements, payment increase, signing and this will increase the amount of the home improvement company. While expanding their influence, well influence can promote virtuous business cycle. Home improvement companies can also refine consumer group, increased sales, service, and settlement platform, achieving competitive differentiation, so businessmen "voluntary sacrifice" a portion of the profits, are offering consumers assume part of bank fees.

Societe Generale Bank staff Zhang Mingqi said, installment can understanding for Bank small credit consumption business of a "variants": and small loan phase compared, consumers as long as first application a Zhang credit card, in do installment decoration Shi, on not need provides third party guarantees or trouble of mortgage, also without additional application, just in decorative company of led Xia, will decoration contract and the by needed lines reported to bank approval can. Then this card decoration, or buy the building materials are entitled to payments services. Consumption is also familiar and usual consumer credit card, consumers only need credit card holder credit card at payment dedicated POS machines, you can enjoy the business.

credit card installment consumption in cars, IT digital, real estate has been very popular, said Zhang Mingqi: "but the complexities and uncertainties of home improvement projects, to get more owners at ease to find home improvement credit cards still need markets and stood the test of time. ”

payments to live within their means

payments can meet the needs of so many young people, but not spending, the more the better. Financial Planner Guo Xiaoning said that repair is a costly project, if young owners regardless of their own repayment ability, and total loan amount increased to beyond the reach of their height, even lived in a beautiful new home, also because of economic hardship and cold sweats, let alone happiness happy home life, thus losing the good intent of the new home. So, the young owners in the choice of on-account when decorating, be sure to analyze and plan your income and expenses, and then lose. "The elite need some white-collar workers, using the existing funds in stocks, funds or other investment channels, not in the decoration on the use of funds. "Guo Xiaoning said such owners should pay attention to on the premise of risk for short-term actions, as long as the short-term return on investment of more than installment fees. In addition, the instalments should be controlled in the amount of monthly payment total monthly income is less than 30%, burden people with mortgages, auto loans and other installment monthly payment and car, mortgage payments should not exceed the total of the total monthly income of 40% once, could cause a financial crisis.

Sun Lei told reporters that installment decoration of the risk is borne by the decoration company and owner, beautiful nest in the introduction of payment by installments at the same time, also considered repayment problems for the owners. At present, nest designer based on each and every owner's income situation, gives cost-effective design, and to guide owners decorating idea, as far as possible the owners spend the least money, achieve the desired satisfaction in home.